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Interactive Media,

Game Design,

User Experience.

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MFA, Computer Art

The School of Visual Arts
New York, NY 

Magna Cum Laude, Deans List

"The impact of technology on the art world; Psychology behind tactile interaction and user experience design."

Interactive Installation - “Tangible” SVA Gallery, May 2012


BA, Interactive Media

Becker College
Worcester MA 

Magna Cum Laude, Deans List, High Honors

"Video games and the rise of new media as interactive art"

Master of Fine Arts Program Director

Associate Professor of Practice

Clark University - BSDT, 2021 - Present

  • Assisted with program migration, curriculum re-development, and strategic planning for implementation of Interactive Media degree, (undergraduate and graduate programs).

  • Full time teaching load plus administrative duties, advising, course development, and academic service. (See full course list below)

Master of Fine Arts Program Director

Becker College - School of Design & Technology, 2017 - 2021

  • Provided curriculum development, vision, leadership, and strategic planning for brand new Graduate Program.

  • Created communication and workflow plans for all aspects of program development from recruitment to student success and graduation.

  • Designed content for and facilitate management of MFA Residency Weeks for graduate students each semester.

  • Worked with Marketing and Admissions teams to provided vision and creative briefs for advertising, recruitment, and outreach campaigns.

  • Served as student success advisor for all graduate students and MFA applicants.

  • Developed curriculum and syllabi for all required graduate courses and completed yearly assessment duties for program.

  • Assisted with creating course schedules and graduate student registration each semester.

  • Assembled proposal and summary for successful NECHE site visit and program review.

  • Compiled yearly application for the Princeton Review, successfully securing a spot in the "Top 10 U.S MFA programs in Interactive Media" in the first 3 years of the program.


Assistant Professor of Interactive Media

Becker College, 2012 - 2017

  • Enthusiastic contributor to department advancement including curriculum and course development.

  • Fostered relationships with outside organizations for potential student outreach, project collaboration, and lecture series. •  Researched and determined new technology needs yearly  in order to stay on the cutting edge of VR/AR trends.

  • Reviewed proposals each semester for viability as Game Studio projects.

  • Participated in outreach programs for recruitment as well as community and academic service.

  • Developed new courses and performed assessment for interactive media courses each semester.

  • Taught course load of 5 - 7 classes each semester.

  • Assisted in the development of an on-line certificate program in Game Design for the Center of Accelerated Studies which included restructuring curriculum into 5-week modules, developing Canvas shells, and facilitating courses.


Teaching Experience - Course List

Professor of record for over 120 course sections (370+ credit hours). Graduate Advisor and Project Supervisor 2017-2022. Taught multiple sections each semester, performed curriculum development, committee defense, and assessment for the following undergraduate and graduate courses.

Clark University

  • GAME 030 - First Year Intensive, Examining Play

  • IMED 3000 - Interactive Media Seminar

  • IMED 3010 - Graduate Studio

  • IMED 3999 - Interactive Media Praxis

  • IMED 3240 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • IMED 3500 - Special Topics in Interactive Media

  • IMED 3950 - Independent Study

Becker College:

  • GAME1130 - Examining Play

  • GAME4400 - Game Theory

  • GAME2115 - Game Industry Trends

  • GAME2100 - Effective Design Strategies

  • GAME2115 - Raster and Vector for Games

  • GAME3111 - Computer Illustration

  • GAME4610 - Portfolio

  • GRPH2130 - Raster Imaging

  • GRPH2120 - Vector Imaging 

  • GAME1120 - Introduction to Game Design

  • GAME3900 - Game Studio

  • GAME3210 - Virtual Reality

  • GAME4400 - Augmented Reality

  • GAME3902 - Serious Game Projects

  • GAME5100 - Directed Graduate Studio I, II, III, & VI

  • GAME6300 - Thesis I & II

  • GAME5600 - Graduate Advanced Topics

  • GAME5900 - Group Seminar


Academic Outreach and Service

  • Contributed to organization and implementation of student outreach during COVID-19 including online Game Jams and Twitch stream lecture series.

  • Featured speaker for Burncoat Middle School seminar class “Genius Hour” Mentor Series, speaking to kids about the importance of creativity and video game design.

  • Presented at CLTX Gaming Girls STEAM event in August 2019 and led hands-on activity demonstrating the importance of creative expression, how to create a mind-map to brainstorm ideas, and how to turn ideas into functioning game mechanics.

  • Designed and facilitated “Foreach Academy”, a STEAM summer camp for 7th and 8th grade girls designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and interest in game development. In this week- long camp girls are introduced to robotics, game design, team project dynamics, coding, and creating 2D & 3D art assets.

  • Worked alongside faculty and students to showcase Becker College at PAX East every year between 2012 - 2020. Participating in booth design, contest development, curation of pieces for digital art showcase, and on-site recruitment & engagement.

  • Assisted in facilitating and organizing Becker College Senior Showcase every year between 2016 - 2020, bringing developers and companies together to highlight the work and accomplishments of graduating Becker seniors and offer portfolio reviews and interviews.

  • Participated in the 25th Anniversary Event for the Americans with Disabilities Act in Worcester. Showcasing a Virtual Reality experience to raise awareness about Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

  • Developed two interactive technology workshops for girls ages 8 - 14 for the 2015 Girl Scouts "Geek is Glam" event at WPI in Worcester. A STEM Expo for over 600 Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.

  • Consulting member of Consortium for Independent Living, founded by Senator Harriet Chandler; Bringing tech solutions to disabled and elder care services in Worcester. (2015-2016)


Events and Publications

  • Judge and mentor for MassDigi game challenge 2017 - 2020.

  • Published in the Worcester Business Journal online and print mag for the “40 Under 40” class of 2020.

  • Guest on the Pop It! Podcast, speaking on Education, Creativity, and Game Development. 2020.

  • Judge and Organizer for 2020 Online "October Game Jam!".

  • Panelist on 'Virtual Reality in Education' at the Venture Cafe's VR Event, a social gathering for the greater Boston tech community.

  • Showcased "Into the Rift" and "Body Rift" at the Venture Cafe Virtual Reality Meetup.

  • Featured reviewer for "The GameMaker Standard" by David Vinciguerra and Andrew Howell.

  • Virtual Reality Exhibitor for the Canton Library’s 2015 Technology Fund Raising Gala.

  • Panel Judge for the Annual 24 hour Game Jam hosted by Becker College, 2013-2018.

  • Presented “From Pixels to Polygons” at SVA Theatre, NYC 2012

  • Represented Becker College at various conference and events including:

    • PAX East,

    • NAGAP,

    • ‘Games for Change’ VR Brain Jam,

    • UNITE,

    • GDC,

    • Canton VR Gala,

    • NERCOMP, 

    • Worcester Women’s Leadership Conference.


Awards and Accolades

  • Selected for the Worcester Business Journal “40 Under 40 ” class of 2020.

  • Developed 15 courses and taught more than 120 sections (370+ credit hours) over 8 years.

  • Tangible” chosen for the 2012 Selected Works, School of Visual Arts-MFACA

  • Interactive Installation “Tangible”, displayed in the SVA Gallery, NYC - May 2012 

  • Magna Cum Laude - MFA School of Visual Arts 2012

  • Academic Award for Excellence in Game Design & Art, Becker College 2010

  • Dean’s List, Becker College 2006 - 2010

  • Magna Cum Laude, Deans List - BA Becker College 2010


  • Graduate Thesis Advisor: “Irreversible Journey” (Brook Elliot). “Manaclysm” (Josh Slavin). “Don’t Get Blacklisted” (Harrison Becker). “Awareness” (Joseph Kehoe). 

  • Project Manager:

    • Holoween” - Tower Defense Game using Microsoft Hololens.

    • The Machine” - Virtual Escape Room using Microsoft Hololens.

    • Jaywalker” - AR simulation game using Microsoft Hololens.

    • Becker HoloTour” - Interactive tour experience using Google Tango AR.

  • Collaborative Projects:

    • "Memory Match" - PC/3M Touch Table. Interactive matching game designed for PAX East.

    • "ADA, Body Dysmorphia" - Virtual Reality experience designed for Americans with Disabilities Act 50th anniversary celebration. Bringing awareness to Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

    • "Grove" - Education and awareness game simulating tree and plant growing/tending. Developed to partner with local conservation groups.

    • "Shape Factory" - Mobile puzzle game developed for iOS and Android.



  • Hanging Installation “Balance” on display in “In Tandem” at the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, 2021

  • Crystal Grid Collection “Energy” on display in “Trios” at the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, 2021

  • Hanging Sculpture “Suspend” featured in “Spooky Interaction at a Distance” at the Sprinkler Factory, 2019.

  • Interactive Installation “Tangible 2.0 ” showcased at the Sprinkler Factory Exhibition “Behind the Veil”, 2018.

  • Interactive Installation “Tangible” showcased at the SVA Gallery exhibition “Parsing (Im)Possibilities”, NYC, 2012.


Alumni Member of the Game Steering Committee, 2011 Search Committee, Counseling Psychology, 2013 Instructional Technology Advisory Council (ITAC), 2014, 2015 College Library Committee, 2015, 2016, 2017 Game 2.0/3.0 Curriculum Development Committee 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Search Committee, Dean of the School of Design & Technology Game Studio Development Committee 2015 - 2021 Consortium for Independent Living, 2017



PAX East 2010 - 2021 NAGAP - 2018, 2019 Games for Change VR Brain Jam - 2017 UNITE - 2016 GDC - 2015 Canton VR Gala - 2015 NERCOMP - 2014 Worcester Women’s Leadership Conference - 2019,2020

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